My curiosity, my lead

I am a very curious somebody. In the past I saw this as a great weakness. I had so many questions to ask about everything  and very few answers. Many times I was told to simply shut up or that I was becoming very nosy. So for a time I kept my curiosity to myself. Now with the internet it is so easy to get information. From tools like Wikipedia, Free dictionary, Online tutorials and various news sites, I find that that I can quickly satisfy my curiosity. There are instances when getting more information answers some questions but also leads to others. I don’t mind having a few questions without answers but I will keep asking, keep searching.

I have had my fair share of trouble and regret over the years thanks to my curiosity. There are questions that should have been not have been asked, comments that should not have been made, things that were best left unsaid. We learn as we go along don’t we. I have asked questions that sowed discord, that made people doubt, that caused confusion. I was a fool yesterday but hopefully this is not the case again today.

With time I have become grateful for my curiosity. It leads me to things of interest. While much of the information might be useless to other people I find great satisfaction in knowing the facts and figures. I extend this curiosity to just about every aspect of my life including faith and religion.

I have learnt to quickly say I don’t know and gain a valuable opportunity to learn something new.  Speculating and guessing is of limited benefit in some instances. Every day I am amazed by the poverty of my lack of knowledge but I am even more amazed by my capacity to learn new things. I am inspired by those old in age but very much young at heart, ever ready embrace new things, new thinking, new ideas and new ways of doing things. I have interacted with people in their seventies with a zest and zeal for knowledge like first year undergraduates.

Curiosity is a double-edged sword which can lead us to things of profit or loss  We have to exercise judgement and discretion before we pursue the curiosity.  Some doors once opened are not easily closed. I choose to delight in it and cherish the things it leads me to. I have chosen to make it my lead to the unknown. BTM

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