New beginnings, Happy Endings!

Beginnings and endings will always be with us. They are part of the reality. Right now, if we are not in the middle of something we are probably starting something or ending something.

Let’s embrace these two sides of the same coin, two sides of the same equation and two sides of the same scale. You cannot have one without the other.  What began will come to an end. We can’t have an ending where there was never a beginning.

The beginning of one thing is possibility and dreams coming to life. Here we go!  Without beginnings there would be no growth.  Things would never get off the ground. They would float in the realm of thought, what-ifs, possibilities and dreams. Beginnings see these coming into being.  With beginnings we take the first steps of what we hope will be a long and eventful journey.

Without endings there would be no renewal. We might never have conclusion of that which is past its time and prime.  Would we achieve completion without endings? Endings give us the means to escape monotony and achieve the  logical summary to the course of events. Endings give us the opportunity to peg and mark off one chapter, era, epoch, event whatever the case may be.

As we move further away from any one of these pillars we are getting closer to the other. Like the rays of the sun that greet us at the break of dawn, with the sun reaching its zenith at midday, till we have the twilight followed by the pitch darkness of the night, so does the beginning hold our attention till we get to finality, the ending.

Endings cannot happen without beginnings.  With the ending comes the closing of one chapter. However, this also marks the beginning of a new one. For with the ending we are preparing the ground for the new seed, the origins, and the inspiration for the new chapter. As we are saying goodbye to one thing today, tomorrow we usher in the new beginning.

The end need not be all doom and gloom. The end is an opportunity to celebrate what we have had since the very beginning. Whatever it is that was started must have a fitting ending.

In the ending we are summing it all up.  These are the last steps. We have had our glorious chances and opportunities and are drawing to a close. This is it. It’s been a good innings! It was great while it lasted. Time is up! Time to go!

Start what you are going to finish and finish what you started. If you must start and end with a bang!

Start without much fuss. Finish and end gracefully.

Here is to new beginnings and happy endings! – BTM

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