New colours for the blog

I have just completely redone the  colours of my blog. I have been meaning to do this for some time now. It was a painstaking process.  Because I know very little about the language CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) used to describe the layout on the website, I had to do a lot of trial and error before I got the results I wanted. This is probably the last timeI do this. Next time I will just hand over everything to an expert and tell them the look and feel I need.

There was a lot of blue on the old colours and I wasn’t too happy with this. I have chosen my new colours which are very bold and probably very risky too. I wanted something close to red or maroon which I used to replace blue. I also played around with the background. I tried several combinations of colours. I would change one thing in the colour settings, do a preview and accept if I was happy with the result or change back. A few times I could not see any change at all and just accepted the changes in this case.

Any comments on the new colours are most welcome. The underlying design of the website is very much the same. BTM

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