No need to be a panic mechanic!

How often do we panic when we are lost in life?  Lost in the journey of life, lost at work, lost on the road, lost in relationships.  Panic seriously affects our ability to make sound decisions.

We are anxious to get somewhere  in a mad rush, anxious to meet some deadlines at work, anxious to resolve personal issues and to compound matters we are in completely unfamiliar territory.  We are dealing with a new problem.

In fact  the panic  probably increases risk of costly mistakes because instead of focussing on the important thing which is finding our way out, getting the correct solution and making the right decision we are worrying about all kinds of things. 

What  if we don’t make the deadline,  What if we can’t solve all the problems, What if we can’t find the right road out.

You are not the first to be confronted with such situation and certainly not the last. You will get through this. Indeed you will live!

One of the problems with panic is that it’s quite contagious. Panic spreads alarm quickly. When everyone is in a state of panic, there is no hope for anyone. When people panic they are preoccupied with the problem and the impending doom and gloom instead of the solution that is needed and could be found, if only someone could have time for it.

Panic is not going to improve matters. It never has and never will.  Panic leads us deeper into the wilderness of the problem and it’s complications. We need to get back to the road of reason and rationality.

If we dealing with a new problem, we probably need a new solution. Old solutions worked for old problems. With new challenges we also need a new way of thinking and approaching the challenges.

While you are lost take the opportunity to discover new routes that may come in handy at a later stage. You would probably not have discovered these routes if you had not been lost. In the midst of your problems at work, your familiarity with the situation and its dynamics improve. In the personal space you are explorations new depths and breadths of the relationship.

You will find a way out, eventually. How many people do you know who have lost forever? Minimise the time between your getting lost and redemption. Minimise the downtime and work steadily towards the uptime.

Focus on arriving in one peice. Don’t endanger the lives of others as you drive recklessly. Don’t ruin precious relationships with colleages.  Don’t burn bridges with loved ones.

Even when you are lost keep a cool head. Eventually you will find your way. When you keep a cool head it’s so much easier to co-ordinate the ideas. Chances are someone outside the situation could have a fresh perspective that saves the day!

Panic wastes energy. Instead of screaming at everyone, biting out all our nails, walking around aimlessly BE STILL and FOCUS. Concentrate your energy on the problem at hand.  What’s done is done! You can’t change the past but you can certainly do something in the present. You can impact positively on the future. You can change the course of events for the better. If only you can stop being a panic mechanic! BTM


  1. Very excellent write up and thought process. And I like the last para where you have stated that “panic watses energy”. Human energy which is natural one and its not mechanical one or created and accelerated by other external forces. We are the one who controls and leverage it.

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