No place like home

Where do I write the stuff that I want to share with people? I have struggled with this simple question for years. Is it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, or my blog? Is it one of these or all of them? I have played around with many ideas and chopped and changed things to see what works and what does not work.

Here is what happened over the years. I liked all of these platforms very much at some stage and still do like some of them to some extent. However, I noticed how I feel about them has changed and evolved over time. Some of these platforms have evolved in a way I don’t like, or maybe I am simply outgrowing them. I am becoming indifferent to some of them and this is affecting how I use them. What happens to all the content there when I leave? Even if I copied my content and took it with me, I can’t take the interactions and engagements I had with people there. It stays there. This made me a little sad. A place that no longer serves me, but a part of me is there, frozen in time, in text, black and white, words, sentences, paragraphs, stories.

However, this is one place I keep coming back to. My own website and blog. This is here to stay, I think. The simple lesson for me from all this is there is no place like home. I don’t like home because it is fancy, but it is a place where I am comfortable, where I am myself. If someone comes to my home, it is because something might be of interest here. After I have been to all these platforms, here I am again. Enjoy your home.

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