Not out there, right here!

Sometimes we believe that opportunities lie out there and overlook the ones that are right here. We are sitting on them!

They are not in the distant, fuzzy and unpredictable future. Actually we are sitting on them and they await our acknowledgement. These opportunities are not our masters, we do not do their bidding. Rather they are our servants, they wait on us to make full and maximum use of them. We must use them in the most beneficial manner possible.

Can we really say with confidence that when we are there, where we do not know for sure, things will be much better? How about right here where we are? Why not start confidently with the tangible and visible present before extending boldly out there?

Let’s not labour too much about what we will do when we get there. What are we doing right now where we are? How are we ensuring that we will actually get there.

For as long as we do nothing here, we can have no hope of getting there. We will stay right here! Where we are right now! Do something and make the difference! What lies between here where are, and there where we dream of, is the difference we make, the action we take!

Don’t spend too much time out there. Start right here!

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