One month down already. How are things going in 2014?

Just a little while ago we were talking about the end of 2013. Now January is already behind us in 2014. To me it feels a bit like a Formula One race. The days have been flying past. That’s how fast things are going for me. I am already thinking about some of the goals I set for end of 2014 and that looks like it is around the corner. Time waits for no man or woman. There was great excitement with the ushering on the new year. New goals and new resolutions. Life would never be the same again.

Now it’s only fair that we take stock. How are things going? What’s going on with you? Are things going as planned or we are now sliding back to old habits and ways of doing things? Do you still have that energy and excitement from the beginning of the year?

Whatever the case, keep your head up. Keep a cool head. Do not lose heart if things are not going your way. Deal with one day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time. The great thing is that you don’t have to tackle the whole year at once. If you do what is sufficient for the day, every day, then you will take care of the year. That is how it works. A long journey begins with a single step and you have already taken steps for a whole month . Do not get lost in things and let the year and circumstances run away with you. Take the power, take control and be the one instead to run away with the year.

There is GREATNESS in You and have another day to explore and unleash it. More power to you!

Right now in this instant you have the power and the means to change the course of history in your life. There is GREATNESS in you. Believe you can do it. Begin working on it and surely you will become.