Own Your Industry – My very own copy, FINALLY!

Satisfied customer walks away with copy of "Own Your Industry"
Satisfied customer walks away with copy of “Own Your Industry”

I’m delighted to finally have my very own copy of Champion Speaker Douglas Kruger‘s book “Own Your Industry”. Ute Van Wyk from Exclusive Books was most helpful. Having seen Douglas in action I simply cannot wait to start reading this book.

In my previous posts, I shared Douglas’ interview transcript on his book with ANN7 at Vuka Africa. Douglas is a man of his word. He kept his promise regarding the book. 

When I walked into Exclusive Books earlier in the afternoon I enquired about the book. Before the staff could trace it in their system, I had already seen it close to the window! Yep that’s the one I have come to get!

A world renowned speaker, who is a five-time winner of the Southern African Public Speaking Championships, Douglas is one of the most prolific writers and speakers in the game.

I have waited a long time to get my own copy and holding the book in my hand now I feel its been worth every minute of waiting.

Own Your Industry
Own Your Industry

I’m quite anxious to read the tips and insights from Own Your Industry. Douglas describes his book as a guide to what yoiu can do to position yourself as the “go-to-name” in your industry. He adds, because when you are known as the expert, they will come to you.

I better get started. There is not a minute to lose.