Painting – could have been better

After more than a week away from the studio I found some time to attend to my painting.  I am not very happy with my efforts today. I feel that I lost patience and probably focus as well and now have a hodge-podge on canvas. Maybe it was driving close to 600 kilometres to and from Polokwane this weekend. Maybe it was a bad job, no excuses period! Initially I had only planned to use two colours, black and white. However, at the spur of the moment I used a third one blue, which I even mixed with white to create different shades.

Given that I was not very sure what I was painting to begin with, I am even more uncertain of the final outcome. My wife paused in front of the painting and remarked that she actually liked the painting.  That did a great deal for my confidence. She said it reminded her of the  Roshak character from The Watchmen movie. That solved 2 problems of mine.  Firstly I now had a title for the piece. Secondly I have found something to model this painting on. After watching both the movie and graphic novel of The Watchmen, I now have  a few ideas of how to further develop the piece. I will wait a week or so for the paint to dry and then add some more detail. Great thing about oil paint is that you can just paint over the dry paint to correct something. I can’t wait to improve on this work.


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