Past your best? Do your best right now!

Some weeks ago I read a very interesting article which said certain mental activitites peaked  at the age of 22. (,50108.asp) I follow science articles with great interest and every now and then I read a number that contradict previous ones as new information and knowledge comes to light.  Nothing is cast in stone!Some years ago I observed that chess players seemed to reach their peak around this age as well particularly the tactical players. (The tactical style in chess generally requires a great deal of calculating ability, imagination and speed.)  However, my observation was not supported by any scientific or objective criteria. I focussed on accomplishments of former World Chess Champions and noticed that around the age of 22 they seemed to accomplish a great deal more than compared to other ages.

After reading the article I asked myself a few questions, seeing as I am way past 22. 

– What does this mean for anyone whose best is behind them?

– Is there hope if your best is behind you?

I am sure that as we decline in some areas we improve in some areas. So while our calculating ability might deteriorate on the other hand we might improve in our ability to make sense of lots of data and focus on the bigger picture. So our strategic ability might improve as our tactical ability wanes. As individual I focus on my strengths and will try to target those areas or situation that bring them out or make the most of them.

If you are on the decline create new peaks in your life!  Do your best in your current situation.

There is always hope  even if your best is behind you. You might not be able to summon the strength and energy of yesterday but today you are equipped with the experience that only comes with the years. Today you can do things that you could not have dreamed of yesterday. We see this from sportsmen, artists, singers…they reinvent themselves, they find another niche, another area they excel in. If one thing, one area, one style, one genre does not work for them, they find another and adapt using all their experience.

At any stage of your life, you need to do the best that you can! Then wait for the rest!


  1. Bruce, read that article and forwarded it to friends for discussion.@22 most of us were fearless looking forward to take the world by storm and we think the world is our oyster. I guess after that age we don’t ‘peak’ per se but reality sets in. Most people would have finished uni…so the dream job jus becomes a dream, the beautiful jus dumped you, one cannot afford the exotic holiday etc etc.the burdens of life takes its tolls and l think thats when the tough get going and start to live their mark….

  2. Ruru, I’m glad the article might stimulate some discussion. We might not be able to take back the years but we can certainly turn on the power again if this is already not the case.

    So maybe our dreams have not been realised but what can we aim for from this point onwards? What can we do right now? At this very instant! If you are down look up! If you are up aim even higher!

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