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After spending almost all my work life in Accounting, Risk and Governance related roles I will now be taking a completely different career path. I am now going into the Human capital and networking space.  Networking is something that I have been doing as a hobby for a very long time now but hopefully I can now take it to the next level. This is my last month in a finance related role.

GREATEST CAPITAL – I think the greatest capital that any corporate or company can have is its human capital, its people together with all their ideas and potential. I am extremely excited about this move. I have taken a leap of faith, leaving something that I was now very comfortable with to go into a completely different area. I have spent many years sitting behind a desk, pouring over figures and trying to make sense of them. Now I intend to be out there, talking a whole lot more to people.  It took me a very long to realise how passionate I am about customers, about motivating people to do their very best at all times. I realised just how much joy it gave me to share ideas and see people blossom in their careers. My dream is coming true!

NOW OR NEVER – I decided that it’s now or never. Either I stay put where I am or I take this risk and see where it leads me. I am not getting any younger and my capacity to take on risks is also evolving.  This is the time for me to take risks of this nature. I have consulted with the people who really matter and they are fully supportive.

NO REGRETS – Ten years from now I don’t want to have any regrets about my career. I want to say that I did everything I could to be a success. I took my chances, I went for it and go it.  There should be no regrets now or at any other point in my life.  I honestly believe that all things work for the common good and I getting ready for the next big challenge in my life.

NEW FRONTIERS, NEW POSSIBILITIES – New frontiers mean new possibilities. I feel like a freshman again. I will be going back to basics.  There is so much to learn in the new area. That also means new possibilities for me. The sky is the limit that’s for sure. No one can define what I can or cannot do except myself.  I might be starting anew today which gives me a chance to bring on board new ideas as well.

ALL COMING TOGETHER – I feel that everything is starting to come together. Over the years I have learnt about Risk, control, financial strategy,  accounting to mention but a few things.  I am sure that I will apply in some way these things I have learnt over the years.  This is a big risk I am taking in my life but I feel it’s worth it. I am ready for both success and failure. But I what I really working for is success.

BREAK FREE and BREAKTHROUGH – I honestly feel that I am now breaking free. No more boundaries. My potential must now be unleashed in its totality. I have always considered myself a creative person and spending a lot of time with numbers and less with people did not give me a chance to truly express the innovative aspect. Now is the time. I am working on a breakthrough which I know is coming. My gut feel is very strong on this and I will work as hard as I can to bring about the reality.

So I moving to work more with people and less with numbers and hoping for the best while I am at it. BTM

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  1. I am so inspired by your thinking Bruce esp because I am also going through the same phase. I liked the part where you say, you are not getting any younger and if you have to make the risky move, it has to be now. Congratulations my brother!

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