Please don’t thank me or call me good

Please don’t thank me. Thank the one who sent me. I am just a messenger, taking instructions. Doing my job! If the instructions say go left, I go left otherwise I will get lost for sure. Turn-by-turn instructions, better than any GPS I ever saw or used!

Don’t call me good either. Among the living are there any that can be called good? When I praise you and talk about your strengths, it is not ever to flatter you but to encourage you to realise your full potential that you may also take your place. Realise the full love and light in you. Let it shine! Let it flow!

For there is much work to be done but the workers are few. There is work to be done by day and work to continue through the night. Your country needs you, Africa needs you, the world needs you. You need you doing your best at all times.

All you need is the willingness. The resources will come! Don’t worry about building bridges before you have decided to go to the river. Just say yes, say it with your lips and mean it in your heart. Be open to the incredible power of possibility, get your hands to work and see what happens! ~ BTM

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