Projects in progress

I will be publishing my first book between yearend (2009)  and May next year. The book will be entitled “The Motivational Journey”. Most of the material for the book has already been written. A poetry collection will also be published in 2010 or 2011. The poetry has already been written. However, I would prefer to release the motivational book before the poetry.  Definite timelines for the publications will be realeased in due course. I am very excited about this project. I have wanted to publish for several years but for one reason or another it was just not happening. After the poetry collection was turned down by some publishers years ago, I decided that this was one avenue I would rather not try again.  Time certainly brings new possibilities and realities!  I did not believe I could do it. Now the question I ask myself is why has it taken so long. 

After experimenting last week with recording at home, the way forward is to work in  a recording studio with the proper equipment. I need to get it right the first time!  Don’t we always? The challenges of background noise, static and quality of voice are just some of the issues I could not overcome on my own. I will update as soon as there is more progress on this. I should be getting in touch with a few studios shortly to make this vision a reality. The initial focus will be on the voice recordings and depending on how that goes, then we can move to the video recordings.

The last project will be the art project.  I won’t write much about this since I haven’t done any serious artwork in a year or so but I think about art a great deal. The canvas and paints are there. All I need to do now  is paint!

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