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Its been a long day. I have spent the past few hours on the computer doing all sorts of things. One of the last things I do before I retire from the computer is tweet. Today the theme was on the vision.  I have tried to play around with words to generate my own quotes I send out to friends and followers on Twitter. I also touched briefly on legacy.

When I generate my own quotes I generally come up with a theme I would like to focus on and try and play around with words.  The words need to have impact and it must not be someone else’s quote. I also try to avoid quotes I have done before. This is quite a challenge but it’s something I love. Some years ago I used to send short text messages to friends in the mornings. Blogging and sending tweets make it so much easier now.

Yesterday the theme on twitter was on the Journey. I thought the quotes I came up with were rather flat and long winded. Well today I try again! I always want to better what I have done the previous day.  Generally I come up with the themes when I get home and sit on the computer.

Sometimes this process of coming up with quotes can take a few minutes or even hours before I can come up with something reasonable.  Before I finalise quotes I will often look up meanings of words, expressions and idioms on the internet just to make sure I am on the right track.  The freedictionary and wikipedia are my favourites but I am always on the lookout for other sources of information as well. If I just can’t come up with anything original on the day, I look up other quotes on the internet.

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  1. Having follewed your blog l’ld say l’m struck by yr tenacity and determination. Yr theme of ‘journeys’ is highly explored by Paulo Coelho.one of ma fav artists.
    Continue with yr journey because you the only one who can shape it. Live your life like in dreams, (one is the actor, audience, director and critic and more.) Walking with you in yr journey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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