Race at your own pace!

Let’s face it.  Due to anxiety there might be a couple of false starts before the race really starts.

Some guys will sprint off the blocks. Others will get off the blocks at a snail’s pace and even keep it that way for the whole race.

Others will decide somewhere during the race that they would rather walk.  During the race it’s not unusual to find people pre-occupied with other things besides the race itself,  chatting, laughing, anything but the race!  “Why did I take part in this race?” – wrong question. “Am I running a good race?” – that’s more like it.

Some athletes will accelerate somewhere in the middle and look like just might finish the race in an instant.  Some will hold their waist almost in belief at the distance still to be covered and wander if it’s really worth it.

Some might feel so accomplished at the distance run so far but sadly forget about  the race still to go. 

Some chaps will use other runners as a pacesetters, basically their speed and progress will depend on how someone else is running.

At the end of the race the runners throw up their hands but for different reasons. Some are just delighted to have finished. Others really believe they have won. But everyone is definitely relieved that the race is finally over.

So everyone else is running their race at a different pace with different reasons?

Who cares!  Run your own!  Race at your own pace! (BTM)

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