Ramblings about finding your passion or is it your passion finding you

What is your passion?
What is your passion?

Not to long ago I read an article that completely changed the way I thought about finding your passion. It was an article by Mark Manson.  The article challenged many things I had in mind about the topic but it also made perfect sense.

When does a person know when they have found their passion? When their passion finds them! So many times people are searching for their passion in life, that one thing that will truly resonate with them, their being when they can declare with confidence, ” This is what I was born to do.”  What is it that’s so special about a passion that gives you this special feeling. Is there such a thing, an activity that can give us so many fulfillment every single day of our lives? Yes!  We might also be surprised to learn that a passion may just be something very ordinary, something you have done before, something you may be even doing right now.

Remember the time when you are a child. You had lots of fun doing all kinds of things, playing games, watching cartoons, tv series, and pretty much anything that tickled your fancy. When something bored you just stopped doing it. You didn’t sit down and analyse why you had to stop or continue doing something. The decision took a matter of seconds. It just happened like that. You just simply stopped and moved on with life. You were in the flow. When did things get so complicated as an adult? Why is it that as an adult choosing what you enjoy or don’t enjoy has become such an involved process? You don’t need an expert to tell you what you really enjoy.
Why not learn from our experiences as children? Allow you to guide you. Find the inspiration and knowledge within.  You clearly know when you are not enjoying something. This should not be rocket science.
I spent so many years going from one job to another or moving from one project to another. I knew within a matter of days if I was going to enjoy something or not. I did not settle. I was on the quest for the holy grail in my career, doing something I really loved, my passion. Some say work does not have to be enjoyed. I beg to differ. I find work far more fulfilling when I enjoy what I am doing. Yes sometimes the days are hectic but for the most part when I am done at the end of the day I feel a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that I have done the most I could with the time I had.

Interestingly I got back to things I have been interested in for a very long time. Maths, Chess and Writing. I already knew before I was a teen just how much I enjoyed Chess, Maths and Writing. No one had to sell these things to me. I just bought into them naturally. One thing which I realised that cuts through all these is analysis and expression. I love to analyse and to express myself.

When we play chess we work out the moves in our head and play them on the board. In maths we are solving in our head and on paper as well. Writing brings form to our otherwise invisible thoughts and ideas. So I find that as an adult I have gone back to the passion of youth. I did not find my passion as such. My passion found me and I have merely heeded the call.

Of course the question about always comes up. Will I make enough money doing this. I believe that if you really find something you love, money won’t be a problem. However, I must qualify my statement. The decision about pursuing your passion is not one made in a vacuum. You probably have an idea of the kind of life you would like to live. What will it take to get to that point. If you love something enough, how much does money play an equation in it. If thought of money is preventing you from pursuing something then you are probably looking at the wrong thing. If you manage your life in such a way that you can do what you really love, then why worry about money.
For example if you decided to make a living writing novels or short story then you will know income flows might be very erratic. That is something you have to factor in. How are you going to prepare for that? Are you going to start writing novels fulltime now knowing that distinct possibility of erratic income or you are going to work hard on something else while writing novels on the side until the side thing is big enough to become the main act?
Sometimes we lack patience in life because we want things to happen immediately. Rome was not built in a day. If your dreams take you 3 years that is nothing really. What is 3 years really in a life of 60 years? Five percent! That is a very small price to pay for seeing your dreams come true. Do not allow time to get in the way of working on your dreams and goals. Nurture that passion, one day at a time and it will grow into the thing you dreamnt of.