Ready to punch above your weight?

You have been putting in the hours. You have shown the commitment. You have done all that is required of you. You know it’s time to step it up.  You anticipated this moment; you imagined that it would come and indeed it has. You have been here for a while, you know your way around but you know it’s time to take it further. There is nothing new for you here.

You have the people in your corner that believe in you  but more importantly you know yourself and you believe in yourself. When you start to lose your self-belief and doubt is creeping in, the team in your corner  and in the distance urge you on.  They give  instructions and without thinking, you follow instinctively. They can be trusted. People are chanting your name, they have kept the faith in you. They believed in you before you believed in yourself. They are waiting for you to do them proud.

The excitement and anticipation you feel now does not diminish your focus and singlemindness to get the job done.  The job to achieve those goals and objectives. You will prevail. You will overcome all those obstacles and challenges in your way.

The first round was tough but it was as expected. You showed hesitation in taking the right steps at the right time and missed the fantastic opportunities that came your way. You toyed with the ideas, you wrote them down. You pondered over the vision. However, you didn’t do enough. You did not follow through.

A few more rounds and you were jumping around with excitement.    Though you took your chances there were some wild misses and you almost lost your balance yet you regained composure and got back into your corner to regroup. When the going got tough in the ring you floated like a bee just like the great champions, you found a way of staying on without losing perspective.  When the time was right you stung like a bee, making more headway in achieving your dreams.

Refreshed and energised by the confidence of those around you, you gave it another go, this time with much more focus and determination. It was painful as you made bold sacrifices. You were trying hard to knock down the targets yet you felt that something was hitting you back even harder.

Then in a moment of inspiration, brilliance and genius you overcome with a flurry of combinations,  rapid movement and excellent tactics. Going completely for broke!  You have not only overcome the obstacles but you have done in style and convincingly too. It’s a total knock-out! TKO!  You are the  winner! You celebrate the victory and savour the moment. This victory is not just about you. It’s about everyone who helped you in one way or another.

What was holding you back? You just needed to get into the ring of obstacles, getting your trusted team in the corner and set about purposefully on overcoming the challenges.

From here on its bigger challenges and bigger obstacles. You are now ready to punch above your weight! – BTM

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