Reflection – Choose your crowd

No matter what, some people will pull you down,
The kind who insist on talking about the violent storms on a bright sunny day
Stay clear of these people
With a few words they set you back in your morale and self belief
Who begin to criticise even before they know what they are talking about.
Whose first sentence always begins with “No”, “But”,” Couldn’t”
Always focussing on the negative before anything and everything else.

Thank goodness others will energise you, keep you going!
You will get the affirmation you need just when the self doubt is starting to creep.
No that you must be surrounded by yes man
But those who criticise constructively, give hope, offer alternatives
do it without making you feel bad.

Choose who you mingle with,
Stay clear of people who send the wrong vibes,
The poison that will cloud anything.
People who see the worst in everything,
Who can bring nothing to anything.
Those who will reduce something to nothing.
Those who always  insist that you could have done better,
Those who increase your doubt in your ability
Better to play without any audience than before a rude and unappreciative one.

Choose your crowd.
Not everyone who can hear will listen
Not everyone wants to listen
Not everyone will care to appreciate.

But the crowd aside,
Be your own person without the crowd
Do not live to please the crowd otherwise your life will be crowded with trouble.
Be whole and complete without the affirmation of a crowd
Remain confident in spite of the crowd.
Choose your crowd.


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