Remain standing, even if they should fall!

When your role model or someone you look up to falls or has a failing, you need not fall with them.  All hope is not lost. Having role models is great. We need people to look up in the spheres of life, work and personal life.  There are those who have long since arrived where we still dream of  going. We need them.

To err is human. Everyone will be prone to mistake,  failure, lapse in judgement,  swings in performance and delivery.  With people perfection  is an ideal but can it ever be a reality?  Do not put all your hope and trust in people because whether we like it or not people can change. They are like the weather, you never really know what the weather is going to be like when you get up in the morning, despite the weather forecast.  Have a point of reference which is constant and unchanging.

Remember the principles and values that you have and believe in. These should not change no matter what.  These should stand the test of time.

These will endure hardship, depressions, recessions and they will hold during the times of growth, plenty and abundance. Stay true to your values through the dips and troughs, and through the crests and peaks.  Your principles and values will hold you in good stead.

While your principles and values can be reinforced, supported and also lived by others, yet they can also  separate and distinct in their own right. Take away everything and everyone in your life, and your values and principles must still remain.

So if your role model should ever fall remember they are only human. More crucially  are you staying true to your own values and principles?  Do these still stand after everything else? – BTM

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  1. This an honest and painful truth.As much as we hate to see our heroes falling, they do. It’s even more painful when we are the heroes falling and watched by others who look up to us. This is such a relevant piece.

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