Right here, right now, present!

For a very long time Paul was never been quite content with the present. His mind was always pushing forward into the future, always wondering what it will take to do this and do that, go here and there.When his thoughts moved back to the past he loved to analyse things and consider different scenarios. How would things have turned out if he had gone left instead of right or even stopped right there? For this reason Paul was often in a different world. Only his body was was in the present while his mind floated.

But suddenly there is a profound sense of peace of being right here, right now that takes Paul by surprise. As he takes a deep breath, his mind, his senses, all his faculties are right here. It seems so simple yet it has taken so him long to get here. How can that be?  It is a wonderful feeling of something so deep yet also basic in a puzzling way. Not trying to multi-task a hundred and one things but just doing the one thing even if it just sitting and listening to the world around me. He is not trying to be everywhere anymore doing everything, just one place doing one thing at one time.

Paul wonders is that the power of NOW that he has been hearing about for an eternity?  If it is, he totally loves it. If it’s not he still loves it, maybe even more. He won’t be rushed. He will go about his business with a single-mindedness and focus that almost makes him machine-like. It is the age of machines after all, is it not?

When Paul talks to a child he converses with them like they are the only person in the world. When his listens to someone, he looks at them, he is fully engaged, he puts on hold his own ideas and excitement about how he will respond. When Paul nods his head in agreement, he means it with all sincerity.  At this point he is very content with were he is. He does not wish he were anywhere else. Everything fits. It is as it should be.

He is a Present, right here, right now! Life is good.