Run your own race!

I used to think winning the race was the most important thing,

That the finishing line was the only thing to think about during the race.

What would it take to be first in the race?

When would the race end so I could get my honours?

Who would stop me in my race?

Instead of making sure I enjoyed my own race, I was preoccupied with others’.

I wanted to find out where so and so was in his race and how he was finding it,

Any detail I could get about other people’s races was great.

Constantly making and comparing notes about the different races,

Losing precious sleep  about all the races I knew,

Sadly I forgot about my own race


In time I realised my race was unique,

There was no point in comparing my race with another’s

I mean, how could I?

The starting points were different,

The distance was different,

Even the route was totally different,

The milestones in the race were different,

I was running the race in a different place,


It was running a great race that I was running,

At my own pace,

Though it was slow, it was steady progress.

There was much to see, much to experience.

Every day there was something to learn and reflect on in the race.

My race has so much happening that I dare not lose focus.


Comparing races really is not possible or of much use in any case.

I have no time for it now or at any other point.

I will learn from other races but will not compare myself.

Who ran the best race and how?

Does it matter?

Just do what you can to run a good race!

Run your own race!

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