So much has happened

So much has happened in the world since the last time I posted on this website. South Africa has been in lockdown since March 2020. I wouldn’t know where to start in this article but I will give it a shot.

Journaling just about every day

For much of the lockdown I have maintained a journal where I have written something every day or two and sometimes they’ve been several posts in one day at times including pictures.  These journal posts have covered all aspects of my life, personal, work and everything that came my way. Unfortunately I have not had the same level of discipline in posting to the website but hopefully that will change. I am quite prolific in my writing but I have just not able to translate that activity to my website. How about that. This will change I know and I am so sure of it.

Working from home since lockdown began

In all that time during the lockdown I’ve been working from home. Even though the lock-down regulations have been relaxed and I am now able to go to the office a decision was made at work that we would continue working from home for the time being. I am very happy with this decision and I feel that it was made in the best interests of staff. The company made a very proactive decision regarding our welfare and health. The recent statistics for Covid19 show that infections in South Africa are increasing rapidly. This is happening at a time when more people are going to be moving around and I believe that the peak will only be in August or September. That feels like a very long time away right now.

Below are 2 picture to show how many cases we have in South Africa at the time of this post.

As you can see from the picture above, South Africa is in the Top 20 in the world in terms of total Covid19. The country has officially surpassed China.

Sharing information

I regard myself as a teacher and I love to educate and share information. This is what I have been using WhatsApp and Telegram to encourage people to practice social distancing, take health precautions and to be safe. Where possible I have posted regular stats about Covid19 in South Africa. This information is freely available on the internet but it is much more convenient to read in on a status update or read it in a daily message. I created a Broadcast list on WhatsApp and a channel on Telegram where I share my updates. If I had my way I would only use Telegram but I have to cater for most of my network who are still on WhatsApp. I have changed my tone a bit to sound more positive. I believe that if we work together we will beat the virus.

Here a few pictures from my social media updates in the last day

So I got a Superman Mask for Fathers Day. I love this mask

Zoom, from hardly used to a daily thing

3 months ago an online meeting platform like Zoom was something that we hardly used at work. Now we use whom every single day for our daily meetings. Just about everyone else I know now in the corporate space is using Zoom. Zoom has done well to respond to the needs of the market. At some point there were privacy security issues that we raised with Zoom but the company moved very fast to address this because the risk to their reputation was considerable. A few other players have become more active in the market as well and these include Microsoft’s Teams and Google was late to the party by introducing Google Meet as a free tool for Gmail users. What I am loving about the online meeting platforms is that as they battle for users they are introducing more features and becoming better in the process. This means that we the customers can only benefit from all this. We are getting spoilt for choice in terms of the tool or platform that we can.

Back to Normal and Business as usual

Sometimes I think of back to normal and business as usual. I think please things will no longer exist or at least as we remember them. What is normal? What is business as usual? I recently mentioned to someone that we live in unusual times to which they responded that it was an understatement. The times we live in are unprecedented. For months the world came to a total standstill.

Right now the normal thing is interacting with as few people as possible in person during the course of my day. If I have to speak to somebody online is the best way for me. And what about business as usual, what is business as usual? I don’t think business as usual is going to work anymore because the times have changed in a very radical way.

Working online becoming the norm

I have been working online for a very long time because of social media work over the years but now it is becoming a norm for a lot of people to work online. I know that it’s going to be very unusual or feel very odd to get back to the office after such a long time away. This is the longest time that I’ve been away from the office. I’m certainly going to make the most of this time away from the office. And I’m quite sure that when I get back to the office I will take with me some of the habits from this stage. For a start I will not meet people face-to-face unless it’s absolutely necessary. Working remotely has shown us that online meetings can be just if not more effective than face-to-face meetings. The online meetings are in my opinion generally shorter than face-to-face meetings and that forces people to be more direct in their conversation and get down to business as soon as possible.

Very early start to the day
Today I have had a very early start to the day. I was awake at 4am and spent a whole hour just reading some bible verses before getting out of bed. In feels good to start the day this early. I will write more about the 5 am club on another day. I have always wanted to be a member of this club and at some stage I had just about given up on it in life.

As I finish off this winding article I want to share how my thoughts have shifted in all these months. I have gone from a place of uncertainty and sometimes confusion to being extremely hopeful and optimistic about the future. I wonder why I am talking about the future right now because I am excited about the present. Why wait for the future when I can make an impact right now.

Peace and Love

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