Sometimes the answers come when we do nothing

Lots of work to be done, not much time for it.
Lots of work to be done, not much time for it.

Time gives us the answers to some of the difficult questions in life. For a very long time I really struggling with making enough time for all my online activities. How much time did I need to spend on all the social networks? I just could not get enough done on the blog and it seemed I could only blog once in a blue moon. There was just so much pressure but where was all this pressure coming from? Was it from the world? No it was from me. I was just generating my own pressure and stress. How was I going to solve my problem?

A change in personal circumstances led me to spend much less time online. I became a Maths Teacher last year and it just cut down drastically the amount of time I spent online. Suddenly the problems of how to split my time online disappeared. There was no time to spend online.

With me taking a break from the online world, the pressure that goes with it also seem to disappear. Wow! We live in a small town where there is no traffic and life is quite laid back. This really gave me time to just chill, really!

As a result of this I neglected my online presence on a few networks especially Twitter. What would happen to my profile? Would the Twitterverse even notice I was going? Facebook was the one platform where I continued to keep a presence.

Now it feels like I can spend much more time online again and for some strange reason, everything feels fine with the priorities. The writing bug is back and I am writing more than ever. However, more importantly I making more time to read. Reading novels, reading classics and just reading in general. The priorities have somehow materialised and I just to know what I want to do and what I don’t want to do. I now prefer to use my Facebook page instead of personal profile for inspirations. I would like to reach more people without necessarily being more commercial.

I deleted some pages I had created which I was no longer using. It just occured to me that even though I had put time into creating some of these things, they were no longer serving their purpose. I detoxed and it feels great. I think I can now blog regularly again.

The time away from a lot of things has done me wonders. It just makes me realise how precious time is.  Sometimes a bit of peace and quiet can really help to put everything in perspective. Reflecting on everything I realise that the answers came when I did nothing, when I let go and in that time chaos was distilled to a beautiful clarity that I live with now!