Tap into people

 Look back over the years in your life, going back as far as you can remember. From the first syllables you put together until your words could be understood to the clear and articulate ideas you now propose today, there have been thousands of people in between. Where you stand today, could you have been there without other people?  Where you are going tomorrow, are you going to walk alone?

Think of all those people who have come into your life. Many have come and gone. Some have been a part of your life for a very long time and you are heavily indebted to them for their friendship, camaraderie, what you have learned and gained from interacting with them. Do not underestimate yourself. You are source of strength and inspiration to many though they will never come to thank you personally. You are parted ways with some people and there were lessons you took from that. You might not have liked the people but you sure do appreciate the lessons they have served you well.

Some of us prefer to work or be alone. Others favour having company around them whether at work or at home.  Those who prefer to work alone  will need to interface or interact with other people at some stage. This is often not out of choice but absolute necessity.  Those living a life of complete solitude impact on some with whom they will never speak.  Even if you work alone, someone is going to  be impacted by what to do in one way or another. Instead of working against the system, work with the system, use it to your advantage. Work with the people!

The mere presence of people is sometimes underestimated. We need people around us, in the form of friends, critics, confidants, mentors, coaches, role models, bosses, subordinates even rivals to mention but a few. Sometimes our biggest competitors will bring out the best in us. They will be push to our limits as we seek to be very best and in the process we will excel.  Some of the great sportsmen, achievers, inventors, role models  could not have gone so far in their pursuits without  rivals and adversaries to push to their limits, without people who doubted them and they worked hard to prove wrong, without people who believed them and inspired them to the very end. Whether people were working for , against or with them, they kept pushing.  These people had different items of their agendas but the result was consummate, brilliant and fulfilled persons? Could these great legacies have been secure without everyone else.  

Sometimes people will be the wind blowing in your sail, sometimes against it but whichever is the case, you will keep moving. Stick your wet finger in the air, see were the wind is blowing and plan appropriately. People will give you energy whether it’s positive energy uplifting you or negative energy capable of setting you back.  When something or someone  sets you back, gets you upset don’t dwell on it. There are people looking at you to be strong. Don’t let  them down.

Don’t lose sleep because of people. People will say and do things that you are going to happy about and that you going to be unhappy about. That is a fact of life. The sooner you get used to it the better.  When people are playing to your tune all the time, you got a problem! You are playing the wrong tune. When people are complaining about you all the time, you need a new tune.

People of like minds and goals will push each other to greater level, as iron sharpens iron. People opposing will bring new insights and ideas. Take time to know people, Take time to listen to people. Take time to understand people and then you can make the most of your interactions with people. We are living a life full of interactions with other people whether direct, indirect, personal and impersonal. What kind of meaning would have in our life without people. If we experienced the greatest of joy yet there were no people to share it with, how much it would be worth?  And if we sufferered great pain yet there was no one to console us, would our tears ever dry? 

Science is confirming what man has known since time immemorial that no one is an island. Our happiness is inherently linked to that of others. This is most evident within a nuclear family but still applies beyond such a familiar example to broader contexts such as work and life in general. Where people have cut themselves completely from the rest of  society the benefits are debatable.

The history of mankind is filled with luminaries, giants across the spheres of the arts, commerce, sciences and other walks of life. Yet even those without any mention are still significant. Everyone played their part.  

Tap into people. To into this energy and presence around you.  It’s all about the people. – BTM

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  1. I like this. Isaac Newton put it aptly when he said that if he had seen further than his generation, it was because he had stood on the shoulders of giants.

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