The 1,000 hit milestone

Today I celebrate reaching and passing a 1,000 hits on my blog.For some time I have been wondering how long it would take to hit 1000. Now its come and gone.

The blogging started pretty much on a whim.  Someone remarked, ” Here we go again!” I did not want to prove her wrong but just show I had discovered something I genuinely enjoyed.  I don’t remember how long I have been blogging but it’s been great fun. The greatest challenge I face when blogging is being thought-provoking,  stimulating and relevant. Most of my themes are not original but I try to express them in my own way, in the way that makes sense to me. The short term goals are to improve the quality of material (readability and number of errors etc).

Let’s see how things go. For now I will just enjoy blogging! – BTM

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