The 3 Gs

The 3 Gs today are GUT, GEAR and GO!

GUT – Gut feel is there for a reason.  Listen to your gut.  This is the internal critic, the constant guide that needs no proof. Your gut will always respond in some way whether in support of or against. We do not need to solicit a response from it. It comes on its own and it’s always timely no matter how much we are pressed for time.  It’s instinct. Use it in the jungle of life.

GEAR – Are you in the right gear for the goals you have set for yourself? Are you providing the right amount of pull or push given the circumstances. You have to pace yourself, making sure you don’t use too much energy before the right time. There will be times when you need to go  slow but steady then other  times when it has to be really  big and its a once off.  We always need to have a strategy in place as we go about working on our goals.

GO – If you feel it in your GUT that this is it, this is the moment, this is the time, this is the opportunity and you are in the right GEAR, the next thing is quite simple, GO! Get up, get on the road, move! When it’s time to make a move don’t hold back. Don’t waste looking back otherwise you will trip yourself. Give it your all.  Take the necessary measures, get yourself in the right frame of mind (On your marks!).  Get into the right gear, you are preparing to unleash the potential (Get set!)  Get off to an explosive start (GO!!) BTM

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