The 3 Hs

The  Hs today are  HISTORY, HABIT and HARMONY

HISTORY – Are we learning from HISTORY? From those who have gone before us, from our own exploits in the past and  from all the entire  collective experience. Have we taken time to study HISTORY and reflect on the lessons that can be drawn from it. Are we tapping into this vast wealth of resources?  We need to build on the positive, stand on the shoulders of giants and extend our own reach.  We need not make the same mistakes from HISTORY.

HISTORY need not hold us back or trap us.  History will not contain us. We live in the present, marching into the future and leaving the past behind us. It time it all becomes HISTORY. Every day is a chance to create beautiful memories,  meaningful points of reference and experience in our. Every day we are creating HISTORY. Let’s make it a HISTORY we can be proud of!

HABIT – Have we mastered the power of  HABIT?  Do we practise the best that we can in all our thoughts, action and in forms of expression? What picture do all our HABITs paint or portray of us?   Is the sum of all our HABIT something we can be proud of?  Do we feel we are still in control of our habits or we have become enslaved by them?  The art of doing the best without thinking! Is it now ingrained in us that in any situation we focus on the positive, the progressive and the most? Get in the HABIT of doing your best, get in the HABIT of giving it your all.   We need to constantly re-inforce the positive HABIT and overcome the negative HABIT.

HARMONY – Do we have HARMONY in our life? How do the various parts of our life interact with one another?  Are we at peace in our life? Are we doing pursuing our goals and purpose without short-changing or compromising other important parts of our life? Does it all add up nicely of there are some glaring deficiencies in our life? Are we happy at work and at home?   Do the ebony and ivory in our life exist in HARMONY?  Are we maintaining the balance between the personal and working sides our life? We need harmony to reach our fullest potential in all aspects of our life.

With the mastery of HABIT,  and working towards HARMONY in our life  we can create a HISTORY we can be proud of.


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