The 3 Is – Intuition, Integrity and Ignite

The 3 Is today are Intuition, Integrity and Ignite

INTUITION –  There is a reason for the hunch, inspiration, sixth sense or feelings we get about things.  This hunch cannot be traced to rational or logical processes.  Your  intuition is informed by a number of things which might include beliefs,  prior knowledge, experiences, expectations etc. It is the crucible and sum total of so many things. Your  intuition can act as the arbiter or judge in times of indecision. Pay attention to your intuition.

INTEGRITY- Be a person of INTEGRITY. Be a person who can be counted on, who can be trusted. Is your word your bond? Are you a person who sticks to their values and principles?  When in doubt about what is right, do what you believe is the right thing to do. If you are in doubt,  Follow your INTUITION!

IGNITE – Set the world on fire. IGNITE! Leave a lasting impression and change the world for the better even if it’s a small change.  Remember Rome was not built in a day. It will add up in the end. You are a person of INTEGRITY and your INTUITION is telling you to go for it. Go on, IGNITE the world!

Listen to your INTUITION, Be a person of INTEGRITY, Go and IGNITE the world. BTM

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