The 3 Js – Joy, Journey and Jewel

The 3 Js today are JOY, JOURNEY and JEWEL.

JOY – Do you get a deep feeling of happiness and contentment with your personal and professional life? What will it take to get to this level? Do you bring  JOY to yourself and others  from what you do? Do you get JOY from what you do? Let the JOY not exist only in your mind and imagination but within your grasp and indeed in your life and reality. Do it with some laughter every now and then. After all laughter is the best medicine. May today mark the beginning of many JOYs for you! JOY lies in the fight, in the attempt, in the suffering involved,  not in the victory itself. – Mahatma Gandhi.

JOURNEY – You are on an amazing JOURNEY. Enjoy every single minute of it and day of it. This is your very own journey that no one can travel for you.   Make the most of time on this JOURNEY and savour every moment of it.  Look forward to the destination but do not overlook the things you see and experience on your way.  Your JOURNEY will be different from any other JOURNEY before your time. Never again will there be a JOURNEY like yours. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lau Tzu. Take your step today.

JEWEL -You are a JEWEL, precious in so many ways, more than you can ever imagine. Let your light and brilliance shine through.  Your company, your advice, your work, your presence is to be esteemed and treasured. Pressure will not defeat you but rather it will build and strength you, like it did the diamond.    Let your brillance shine through  in every thing you do.  Let the JEWEL find  JOY in the JOURNEY. BTM

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