My books

I have published 2 books. The first one is a collection of poems simply entitled “My Poetry Collection”.  The poems were published together with my paintings. I was a painter in my old life.

Here is the description of my book on Amazon. In this beautifully illustrated collection of poems, Tendai embarks on a motivational journey and invites you to join him. His poems are filled with hope, insight, and inspiration.

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My last book is titled “The 3 Letters, My Inspiration”

The 3 Letters, My Inspiration by Bruce Mubayiwa as seen on Amazon
The 3 Letters, My Inspiration by Tendai  Mubayiwa as seen on Amazon

This small book is intended to inspire and motivate the reader. For every letter of the alphabet, three words beginning with that letter are given, followed by a short message on each word and an inspirational quote. I hope you enjoy this, and are inspired in the process.

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