The book – How to win friends and influence people (Dale Carnegie)

I have just finished reading the book ” How to Win Friends and Influence People” – Dale Carnegie.

THE QUESTION OF INFLUENCE – This book’s title caught my eye some months ago during one of the trips to the bookshop. Is it really possible to win friends and influence people? Don’t we all want to influence at least one person in one way or another? Whether at work or at home? Be it a customer, colleague, subordinate or manager? Or perhaps it could be a partner, spouse, kids or other member of our family at home? Does life not involve a great deal of relationships and how we relate to other people and they to us?

NEED FOR A QUICK WIN – I have a keen interest in psychology and motivating others and needed some quick, practical suggestions on doing things.  Some years ago I tried to read some books on psychology and really struggled.  My wife was kind enough to lend me her psychology 101 books from her medical studies but I never made it past the first pages. The text was too heavy and technical for me. So I decided there was no harm in buying this book and reading and seeing for myself.  Browsing through a few pages, the author promised this book would transform my life. Dale Carnegie? Who was this man so bold and confident? With his book at just 267 pages I was sure I could work through the book in a few weeks reading at a leisurely pace. I figured I had nothing to lose.

APPLYING IT TO MY LIFE – This is an incredible book! If you are keen to improve your relationships with other people in your professional and personal space, this could be the book for you. While reading it I have been trying out some of the things it suggests at work and at home and am TRULY amazed by the results. I have just finished the book and already decided that I will read it again every few months. Some people have been making comments about the way I am going about my business and I can attribute that to some tips from this book by Dale Carnegie.

THE OTHER BOOKS – Together with the books “AS A MAN THINKETH” by James Allen (freely available on the internet), THE SECRET bv Rhonda Byrne, Dale Carnegie’s book is one of the most influential I have read so far. The big challenge now for me is to practice what I have read.

BOOKS GALORE – Honestly there is no shortage of books on motivation and uplifting us. The big challenge is that as we work through these books at breakneck speed are we also implementing the changes in our lives at a similar pace. I would rather read one good book and try to apply a few things from it than work through a 100 books and not apply anything from them. Sometimes I notice we are trying to outdo one another. Have you read this book? Have you read that? Oh, I don’t want to be left out. I better get that book so and so was talking about. This is not the point! Seek positive changes and transformation in your life when you read these motivational books. Identify the GAPS in your life and see how best you can address them.

DIFFERENT MEDIA –  Maybe you don’t like like the good old hardcover book. How about using a Kindle, Ipad, or Computer to read your book.  Maybe reading is not your thing and you actually prefer listening. Then maybe try an audio book that you can listen to as you go to work. I am sure that there is something for you.

Have a fantastic week and be inspired! BTM

(DISCLAIMER – The author of this article does not not stand to gain directly or indirectly from the sales of the books mentioned in this article and is merely expressing a personal opinion.)

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