This is a very powerful piece by Paul Carrick Brunson. Check out the original post on LinkedIn.

Today, my wife and I celebrate 20 years of marriage (we’re in beautiful Cork, Ireland)!

I want to use this occasion to address something I don’t see discussed enough. That “the most important decision you make in life is who you choose to marry.” This quote was attributed to Warren Buffet in 2017, but countless people have said something similar.

My grandma told me in ‘97, “baby, your wife will break or make you so choose carefully.” Unfortunately, most don’t have Buffet or a grandmother like mine to advise on dating and relationships, so let me make something clear… The decision of who you choose to be your romantic partner will disproportionately impact your health, wealth, happiness, and career.

Choosing poorly will create undue stress, wasted resources, disastrous health, misery, and a stifled career.

Choosing strongly means someone to sharpen your ideas, support emotionally, reduce your anxiety, and catapult you to the highest of professional and financial achievement.

So, raise your standards, be discerning, and know it’s better to be single than to be with a bad partner. Also, don’t wait to be chosen but instead proactively select who is right for you. Life can be sweet or sour; no one decides that but you, primarily through who you choose to accept.

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