The move is complete, from to

It really feels good to have this as my main website and not It was something I wanted to do for a long time and today I completed the process. All the content has now been moved across from the other website and we have basically closed shop there. Nothing more will be done on the old website. From hereon it is all happening right here.

But what did transpire in the past few days. Things have moved quite fast of late. I was scratching my head over the past few days on how to move the content across from the old website. I didn’t like the idea that I was now posting on this website while I still had my own articles there. This was confusing me a bit and what would it do to readers on my website. My content was split and divided on the internet and this was far from ideal. It was going to take me a lot of time to build up content on the new website to come anyway close to what I had on the old website.

I spent quite a bit of time online reading up how to move content but some of the stuff was really technical with lots of room to make mistakes and mess it up. After hours of research and downloading the necessary software or plugins for wordpress and going over the videos, I was still not able to get it right and naturally starting to get frustrated and feel a bit helpless in the process as well. After one big attempt where I ended up with 2 error messages, I conceded that I was out of my depth and it would be best to talk to an expert about this, someone who is really knowledgeable about this.

I consulted a friend who works with websites and he gave me his answer but I had already moved to another option. I decided to call my web host, Xneelo who have themselves rebranded and asked for their assistance. I was taking a chance by asking if they could help me move my content and what a wonderful surprise it was when I discovered that if both they hosted both websites, they could freely migrate my content from the old website to the new one. So that is exactly what happened.

All my articles and images have been moved safely across without any issues. I have done a redirect on the old website so that if anyone clicks on the link they will be brought here.

Reflecting on this move I do feel a small sense of accomplishment. I can now focus on the main business which is to generate content and not get bogged down by the nitty-gritties and technicalities of branding and the tech issues related to that.

Why did I take so long to do something that I had already decided on in principle. It is become I was scared of the unknown. I spent so much time trying to build the brand around the name Bruce Mubayiwa and then I just move to something else totally different. Why on earth would anyone want to do this? Having been out of Zimbabwe for so long Tendai does feel like a better connection to my Shona Heritage.

Tendai is a name I never ever used in the past. When asked to give my full name it was generally Bruce Mubayiwa intentionally omitting Tendai. I would only include Tendai when completing official documentation of when I need to use my initials BTM. I think I actually disliked the name when I realised that the name was unisex. Why did my parents give me a name that is also used for girls. Why, why, why! I really wanted to know.

Now I couldn’t be bothered that Tendai can be a girl’s name. I love the name and it does seem easier to pronounce than Bruce. That said I am still the same Bruce Tendai Mubayiwa at the end of day. What is in a name after all?

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