There it is!

Sometimes we are so busy looking for something that we don’t notice that it’s right there. Right there in front us, right there in our grasp, right there within us, Right there with us, Right there for everyone else to see but ourselves!

Perhaps we have become so accustomed to problems that it’s the only thing that we now know.  Things were not always like that and neither should they stay that way. There is always a solution for every problem. Just because we can’t find it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Break the norm! When we been in a situation for a very long time, sometimes we can’t see anything beyond that situation. We have grown used to it and what used to be a problem is now acceptable. Its become the norm but what we need to do is break this norm.

Mixed bag! We can’t focus on negatives all the time and expect to find positives within them. This is just not possible. Remember that life is mixed bag always throwing different things at us. Some days it’s going to throw lemons at us and some day it will be apples.

Different Angle! Why not get a fresh pair of eyes, why not get a fresh perspective, why not a different view. Get a different angle from a spectator, they almost always have a better view of what’s going on than the players who are right in the middle of the action.  The spectator enjoys a comfortable vantage view from which he can see all the players and offer an impartial appraisal of the situation. Sometimes get someone who has absolutely nothing to do with the area, situation, and position and hear what they say. Common sense is indeed common! Try the reasonable man in the street.

Freshen up! Let’s take a break from what we are doing even for very brief moments. After all we have been at it for hours and things are not any better.  These short breaks can refresh us. A break can mean doing something totally different for a little while, distract ourselves a bit and getting back energised.

Take stock! If the way we are doing things is not yielding the desired results then maybe it’s time to reconsider everything. Either we are not doing it right or we seek the wrong results.

Stop! Let’s stop right there and think about what we are really looking for? Do we still remember it?  Do we even know it? Sometimes we have been looking for things so long that we have even forgotten why we are doing it. It’s become a ritual. If we don’t know why we are doing the things we doing maybe its time to just stop.

Finding it! Sometimes we find what we are looking for when we actually stop looking. What happens when we stop looking sometimes is that we can become open to possibilities. We acknowledge that it may indeed be lost for good or that it’s still there somewhere, waiting to be found. The expectation of finding is gone.  How often do we find something when we have just about looked everywhere and it turns up in the most obvious places? It didn’t just reappear! And we are certain we looked there. We know we did but then we were in such a hurry, we were already thinking of the next place to look and not focussing on the moment.

You! They are looking for someone to lead, someone who can take it to the next level and add real value. You can’t seem to think of anyone suitable. Have you considered yourself?

So before we give up next time on what we are looking for, let’s take it easy. We just might be staring right at it. There it is! – BTM

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