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Its one hundred and ninety-nine days to the World Cup in South Africa.  I can really feel the buzz and excitement over 2010. The countdown to the 2010 spectacle fills me with great hope about what this tournament could do not only for South Africa but the continent as a whole. I am very optimistic about the future.  I will not wait for tomorrow to be positive. I start today. In fact I start right now and I am helping to spread the positive vibe. It’s a great time to be in Africa.

I recently changed departments at work. I am now in a much bigger team which means more relationship building and more dynamics and I am already enjoying it. It was sad to leave my old team but I take all the lessons with me and  look forward to the new challenges that await me. With the new area and space come new frontiers and  new possibilities! There is no progress without change. If we must change let’s do so in progress.

I also signed up for the “Dynamics of Personal Goal Setting” programme last month with the Success Motivation Institute. I hope to have completed this in a few months time.  For a long time I was unsure about which programme but eventually settled on this one.There are a number of products in the market.   However, success in either my personal life or work life is not enough.  I need it in both areas of my life.  The two areas must be complementary and not working against each other. I need not choose one over the other! Both areas are critical. Going forward I will be re looking at what this success really is and reduce it to goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reliable and Time-bound. The goals need  to be SMART.

I am currently reading former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov’s “How Life imitates chess.” I hope to share some insights from this book in the coming weeks. Each day I am trying to cover at least at a chapter. I have also  found a bit of time to catch up on chess. I am not too happy with my standard of chess and am working on getting a decent rating. I am using an old version of the chess program Fritz.  I saw little need to upgrade to a recent program.

Interestingly I am trying to achieve all these things while spending less time online. This has been a big challenge but I am already realising the benefits. It means more time for family and other things I would otherwise not be able to do. In this day and age when we are inundated with so much information, maybe we need to draw the line somewhere. I had to. BTM (Shortly before posting this blog, the article had simply disappeare. I had not realised that my modem had disconnected from the internet and attempts to update were unsucessful. I had just about given up on blogging for today. Fortunately WordPress saves drafts every now and I was able to pick off from a draft.)

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