This and that!

I have not posted lately apart from one or two things on. Life has been very hectic

I recently moved from Capital management to a new area called Investor Solutions. I am very excited about the move. My role will change from a number crunching one to a more client facing one. I think this role will play more to my strengths. There will also be an aspect of marketing and selling and I look forward to the challenge. I will take it head on.  A few things are still fuzzy but that is just how I like it, The new role will be very different from anything I have done before, given my background in risk, audit and capital management. I feel things are slowly coming together.  I don’t know what the future holds but I am very excited about it.

Look out for three new letters coming out shortly, the Ds and possibly the Es as well. I have scribbled down a few thoughts in the past few weeks and we will see if we can pull something together. Have a good one and be inspired! BTM

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