This and that – On a weekend

On a cold winter morning I reflect on what life has given me so far and am at a loss for words. I had to run out of the kitchen to the computer in case I forgot my ideas.  My wife is now probably used to this.

THE SIMPLE – To my great surprise I have found the greatest satisfaction in the simple things in life. Not in the flashy and expensive things but the simple things that money cannot buy. Just to come home and be with my wife, someone I know I can always count on and someone who has always been there for me. To talk and catch up with my friends, to find out what’s going on around me. To read the paper and find out what’s going on in other parts of the world.

FAMILY – I am not really a family person but over a period of time I have been learning to appreciate the meaning of family. Perhaps some day we will have kids and I hope that I can show them some love and teach them one or two things. Some people with kids have told me that having kids gives you the opportunity to experience real unconditional love. You love the kids, not for anything that they can give you or you can give them, but for just being your kids, your very own gift from God.

LOVE – You can have everything in the world but without love I think it all means very little. If you have noone to share with, then it won’t mean much. The love for others, for friends, for God,  the Love for life and all things in it. Love the four-letter word that means so much to us, maybe everything even.

LEARNING – Each and every step I am learning something knew. Whether at work or at home, the lessons keep coming and I will be a willing student till the last questions. I do not hesitate to ask questions and get more insight. Learning about life, about religions, about spirituality, about God, about everything really. Every day I amazed by the things I do not know.

FRIENDSHIP – I can’t imagine life without friendship. The people I have called for advice at odd hours asking for advice on critical matters. The countless times when I shared my excitement on new ideas, thoughts and just about anything really. I honestly believe that if a monetary value could be attached into friendship, would it not run into billions? Can we quantify the impact and benefits of friendship over a lifetime.

CONTENTMENT- I have seen first hand the consequences of greed and selfishness. Being content and grateful has brought me much peace of mind especially in my personal life.  Life is short, I want to look back with pride rather than regret. The contentment I refer should not be confused with complacency.

TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE – I am constantly surprised when I seen people after a very long time. You can see some big changes have taken place. Strands of grey hair, some wrinkles, for those who see me it would be a receding hair line. From the day we were born, our clock is constantly ticking.  I won’t fight time or fight nature but I will go with its flow. Every minute that comes my way is surely a gift. I accept it with sincere gratitude.

Let’s make beautiful memories, memories to last a lifetime. Have a great weekend and all the very best in everything you do.

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