This and that – On the move

on-the-moveIn the next few days the hosting of this blog will be transferred from WordPress to Go Daddy. Having the blog  hosted by WordPress has been really great but there were a number of limitations such as the look and feel on the site, integrating with my other sites and linking with videos.

BLOGGING – I began blogging around 2008.  At that time I was just messing around but it’s something I am now taking much more seriously, hopefully not too serious.  As a kid I actually used to keep a diary and I saw the blog as an extension of that.  The big problem back then was losing things. I just could not keep all the ideas in one place and over time some of the  stuff became a big issue around the house.

HOW THE MOVE AFFECTS YOU – You might not see too much changing from you side. However, we would like to make the site more interactive than before.  Until now, there was not much interaction between myself and the readers. Hopefully this will change at some stage in the foreseeable future.

THE INTEGRATION  – I have been really struggling for a while now, trying to integrate all the websites including and I simply do not have the know- how for that. Things changed several months ago when The Raiyneman told me that it was indeed possible to link and connect everything. One thing I struggled with was how was different from I have not completely solved this but there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel.  I loved what The Raiyneman did with journeysinlife and can’t wait to see him unleash his creativity on this site when it moves.

THE RAIYEMAN FACTOR – The Raiyneman will be managing the project. I am really looking forward to the  new site once all the changes have been made.( He has done some really cool stuff with his sites and I hope this one will join the list.

LOOK and FEEL –  The biggest limitation with the current hosting plan  for us was creativity in terms of the look and feel of the site.  We could not play around with the coding on the site apart from the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). The CSS changes the format such as font and style but you cannot really move things around. For instance if you want to have moving pictures on your site you can’t do this in CSS.

EMBEDDING VIDEOS – We plan to start uploading videos but instead of being hosted on the site itself, the videos will be uploaded on You tube.  Hosting videos on this site will slow down things considerably.

THE BOOK – I have become a little more serious about publishing my book and we needed to start revamping our online presence. Some work has already been done for the book design by The Raiyneman. The next stage is to work on the actual content. Everything is there but currently all over the place. The book will be published in a digital format initially and depending on how things go, we might do an actually hard copy.

Have a great week and all the best in everything. BTM

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