This and that – Religion, spirituality, love

There are few matters in life  that generate as much passion as religion. I have experienced this first hand. Many times in years gone by I would debate passionately on various fundamental issues fully convinced that I knew the answers and had to be right. I imagined that some day I would speak with even greater authority on matters of religion and spirituality.  When I came across someone from a different  religious denomination I was very keen to poke holes in doctrine, practice and beliefs by asking some of my favourite questions that touched on dinosaurs, theory of evolution and the issue of speaking in tongues to mention but a few topics.

STILL A BABY! – Many years later I am still very much a baby in these matters with so much more to learn.  I have little choice but to listen much more than I talk because I believe my  ignorance to be considerable.  I constantly feel challenged to understand my bible better and to apply its message in my life. There is little time to argue about who is wrong or right. I am searching for the way myself and could surely not in my blindness attempt to lead another. There is a great deal to take in and absorb and the digestion and processing takes even longer.

THE COMMON THEME – While I am intrigued by the many religions of the world, which I have attempted to understand a little, what has amazed me most is the common thread that cuts across most religions.  The language of love.  To love my fellow man as I love myself.  I have seen the recurring  theme of unconditional love emerge from the most ancient to the modern religions.

LIVING UP THE STANDARD – The question I ask myself so many times is AM I LIVING MY PRINCIPLES IN MY FAITH? Are my beliefs reflected and engrained in the way I live? I have found these to be tough personal questions. Many times I have fallen short.  For these questions demand that I operate at the highest level, whether at home or at work. Do I always show love, dignity and respect for others? What does my wife? What do my colleagues say to this question. I am not there yet. Definitely not!  Many times I have had to call a friend for encouragement, motivation or much needed advice, as much as I like to motivate and advise others and bring out the best in them. When I engage with others I constantly have to try and put myself in their position and try and get their perspective. Things are not so obvious anymore when seen through different eyes.

THE QUESTION OF MAN – I believe man is a spiritual being. I have met many who thought otherwise and indeed why not. Live and let live!  The journey continues.

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