This and that – The wheel is already invented!

Many times I have thought of something I realise that someone already had the same idea at some stage.  There are so many examples of this.  In the past I found it so frustrating. It bothered me a great deal. Could I not come up with my very own original idea. Whether it is choosing an email address, a website name or something else in life,  there is a good chance that someone has tried it before. When you consider that the world population is close to 7 billion, it would have to be a truly unique idea that no one has had before.

What does this mean for me that the wheel has already been invented!  A few things come to mind.

STOP WASTING TIME – One great advantage is that we don’t waste time trying to find a way, when one is already before us.  Instead of getting bogged down by basics we get to focus on the more important things that will possibly add more value. Of course there is nothing to stop us from finding a better way but the way already exists.

LEVERAGE ON THE EXPERIENCE – Imagine the cumulative experience of  people trying things since the first man set foot on earth. I would like to think that before the great inventors set about to work, they observed and studied those who had tried before them. From the first man who pondered on the serious questions of life to present-day man who is still troubled and intrigued by the same issues. Can we not learn from those who have gone before us? Can we not tap into their experiences and insights learning from their mistakes and avoiding the folly and perhaps fate as well?  Thousands of years ago a man looked deep into the night sky and wondered about the moon and stars. Today we have spaceships venturing into deep space and probing for signs of life on other planets.

THE DESTINATION – Because we are not worried the getting the wheels in place we have more time to focus on the destination. How fortunate we are to live in this day and age. We live at a time when so many things have already been invented. Can you imagine how life must have been say a hundred years ago. My hometown priests once spoke of how he would walk for hundreds of kilometres. Today this would be totally unimaginable. Even the most testing of marathon races are not that long. Why is it that when we have so many conveniences our quality of life does not really seem to have improved?  More people are succumbing to lifestyle diseases.

MY ADVANTAGE – I think it’s really to my advantage that there has been so much trial and error already.  I don’t have to go through the same pitfalls. I can now come and work with the refined product. One interesting thing I observed is that with a number of inventions it was not the people who invented them who profited most from them. For instance those who invented the internet profited very little from their invention. Now we have companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter who strategies revolve around the internet and headed by millionaires and billionaires. Those who have have profited most financially are those who ran with their enterprises following the great inventions and came up with their.  However, it all had to start someone! Of course things could have been very different if everyone sought to make fortune from their discoveries and fortunes.  Perhaps mankind has really benefited from the great acts of benevolence and altruism and we will be forever indeed.

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