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Maintaining one blog is difficult enough but now I have decided to add yet another one (btmtennis.wordpress.com). The original idea was always to have one blog but it looks like for now I am not able to unify some of my interests (chess, motivation, tennis). Time will tell whether this blogging business is a passing fad. There was so many blogs in the graveyard now. Blogs that were started with a lot of zeal but have not been updated in the past few years. I hope this will not be one of them.

For now I will keep chess, motivation and tennis separate. That said I do get a lot of motivation from tennis and sport in general. I have written quite a bit about running in my blogs before. Some of my ideas on teamwork also came from watching sport.

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  1. you rolling…all these blogs. l’m not into chess but into golf and tennis and get so much inspiration from the immense concentration and dedication involved. this all applies to daily life if one wants to make a change and difference to their lives and the world in general. Check Deepak Chopra’s Golf for Enlightenment on Amazon..

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