Uneven playing field? Play on!

The truth is that sometimes the playing field is just not level.  So what do we do in such situations? A playing field, where everyone is happy and content is really an ideal. The letter of the law might state in no unclear terms that the playing field will be level, will be even and  equal for everyone but alas.  Don’t crack your head wondering why you were not born with a silver spoon in your mouth? That’s just how it is! Play on!

So what do we do when we discover in the middle of the game that some are not playing it fair?  This is the reality. Not everyone will see things the same way as you. Are you going to stop fair as well. Do what is right!  Play on!

What do we do if we realise that the rules are changing in the middle of the game. Master the new rules! Adapt! Most importantly play on!

What do we do when we realise that some people are playing to different rules from us? Before you start using those rules, just make sure it’s for the same game! Play on!

Don’t try to level the playing field. This is not for you. No sooner will you try to even up everything than you will realise that you are better off playing. So play on!

Do we stop playing the game, protest and insist that unless things are corrected we will never set foot on the playing field again? I say we play on! The game will not change to suit our style, rather we will modify our style to suit the game. Play on!

Regardless of whether we choose to stop playing or continue, the reality is that the game will continue. Our absence from the game might not even be noticed if we stop playing. Everyone else is too busy getting on with their own game. Play on!

As one thing in the game improves, another is getting worse and so forth. That is the game. It’s one big mix, where nothing is ever still and change is the only constant. Master this constant and always be ready for it.  Always expect the unexpected! This is the game! Play on!

Times are really tough. Yet in the middle of all this, uneven playing field, many are still looking up to you. You remain a source of hope and strength to so many. Please don’t stop. Play on!

Without further ado, get on with it! Play on!

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