Wait patiently for the peaks!

You might need to attend to a number of things which at the time seem completely unrelated, different pieces of the same puzzle before the clear picture begins to immerge. Unless others own the pieces to your puzzle, the pieces mean nothing to them. They can have no idea of the beautiful picture the pieces combine to form. If only they knew.  Some might question why you torture yourself for so long when there is nothing to reap from your hard labour and commitment. But you know the plan which for now remains a secret. You know what lies ahead. What can be built without a plan, without the details and without a vision? The reality is the same thought taken our your head and given form and substance. Yet others cannot see beyond the present they grapple with.

Sometimes the results of your perseverance and determination will come only in glimpses, as suddenly as bolts of lightning that illuminate everything in the dark but very briefly.  At other times with the persistence of a drizzle in drips and drabs but enough to betray what lies ahead . We are starting to emerge from the trough. We are seeing the signs of encouragement and we need more of them. Like a treasure hunt where we are picking up vital clues and getting closer with each one to the all important prize. You cannot lay claim to the ultimate prize until and unless you have followed through on all the clues.

Wait patiently for the peaks. When they do some come ride them for as long as they last.  Do not be bitter on the wane. That is a time to build your strength again as you look to the next ascent. For what goes up must come down. Descend gracefully like a great champion. What comes down will rise again.

As your gradient and slope increases, which are a sign that we are now surely on the ascent, so will it be easier to slip and lose valuable ground. Proceed with caution but always forward. You are not yet there at the peak. You will know when you get there. Everything will click into place. It will become ever more difficult to climb. At some stage no matter how much you climb or move, you will not get any higher! You have reached the peak! Congratulations!

Your output will fluctuate sometimes even though you give the very best of yourself at all times. Just focus on doing a good job. The peaks which mark the culmination of your excellence, the determination and grittiness you have shown, all the hours put in, all the practice. While you were tilling and watering where no one knew there was any seed at all. But you knew better. You stayed true to the purpose and vision. Long before anyone had any idea of your vision, you were already pursuing it.  You waited patiently for the peaks. The peaks of your powers, concentration! Your prime! – BTM

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