Right now what is holding back women from progressing?

Please note early on that this short piece is not about equality between men and women. That lies outside my scope. The writing is inspired more by women’s leadership capability as compared to men. I share my perspective as a man. I have little regard for the current thinking around these issues. This article is not intended to gain the sympathy of women, though if it does, I won’t complain.

Background to this article – As a kid I strongly believed boys were superior to girls in many respects including intelligence.

As a young man in Africa one question I am asking myself a lot these is why don’t we have more female leaders. Where are the women in power? Why are female leaders the exception and not the norm? In my humble opinion women are just as capable in leadership as men if not better. The fact is we live in a patriarchal society where men call the shots. Is this status-quo sustainable? Is it healthy?

Given the multitude of problems and challenges that we face in the world, the endless wars, the corruption, the current problems we face on the planet the question that comes to mind is, could women do any worse? I do not think so. Women are nurturers. They give life. It is not in their nature to maim or kill. Women have one thing that is missing in men, compassion and love for life.

Religion has been used to justify the roles that women and men play in society. However,we now live in multi-faith societies where no single religion should determine the role of men and women in leadership.

Women have a natural advantage over men when it comes to leadership. From an early age they are typically doing far more work than the boys. They learn how to multi task and prioritise early on in life. This skill, mastered so early in life, becomes second nature to them in later life. It is not uncommon for boys to be playing while the girls are running around with the cooking and other house chores. Perhaps this is simplifying things.

Physically men are stronger than women but as far as I can tell this has no bearing whatsoever on leadership capability.

What is holding women back from progressing? Indeed men are quite happy to maintain the status quo in the balance of power. However, I believe that it is women who are holding back women. In most countries women outnumber men. Women need to support other women. Women need to look across political affiliations, beliefs and other divides that keep them from supporting one another.

In most countries women outnumber men by quite a margin. If women consistently voted for women, it would just be a matter of time before there are far more female leaders. Many countries subscribe to some form of democracy which is essentially a numbers game. If women choose to support other women the numbers will tell.

I have found the fights between women to be particularly vicious more so when it involves men. Women, don’t fight for men. You are probably the superior gender, purely from an evolutionary perspective.

Ironically men’s greatest weakness in leadership is often linked to women. Remarkably I doubt that women in leadership would have such vulnerability though research is starting to show us that women are now probably just as likely as men to cheat in relationships.

Why are women fighting each other? I do find this puzzling because they generally face the same challenges across the world. From the scourges or rape, physical abuse and other types of abuse women have so many reasons that can bring them together so advance their cause.

I found men in many instances to get distracted by women. Women on other hand generally have their priorities in order. A man is more likely to spend money on a girlfriend before he caters for his parents. For a woman, her parents come first. The man comes later.

Global statistics show us that women outlive men. So if there are more women than men, and women are around longer than men, why are men still calling the shots? Why do women still have to prove themselves?

Women it’s your time. Unite! Stop bickering and work together. Together you will conquer.

Spanner in the works

Guy Penford it takes generations to unravel sexism. you cannot separate women from their sexist social upbringing.. one cannot just separate women from their social upbringing and analyse their behaviour.

Tlangi Gabriela Ngwenya I completely agree with Guy. We are a function of our society. I also think it’s a misconception that women’s biggest struggle is us “bickering” amongst each other.