What mark are you making?

In the afternoon I bumped into my old chemistry teacher from St Ignatius College. I was very excited to meet my old teacher. I instantly recognised  him and rushed up to greet him. He had not seen me.  We  soon got to catch up on what has happened since I left high school in 1997.

I recalled the lessons with great fondness. The man just made his subject look simple.  I had imagined the subject to be very difficult and complicated but here was someone who broke it down to its elements.

So after 11 years the impression still remains and is as clear as ever. He was passionate and dedicated to his craft. Though I cannot remember the specifics of what I learnt then I have not forgotten the principles. The principles of a methodical and step-by-step approach  in problem solving.  Several years later our paths have crossed again and based simply on the two years that he taught me I would gladly give him a recommendation if I had to.

Reflecting on this chance encounter, I believe that in whatever you do, seek to make your mark in some way.  Be positive, be forward looking, be excited with what you do. Make a lasting impression. The benefits of your actions should continue to be experienced long after the event. As you go about your daily business your legacy and reputation are also slowly growing and developing. At some stage they will crystallise into something whether positive or negative.

Its up to you to decide what mark you are making. It need not be a big mark. It should be a mark you are proud of and can look back on with pride.

Your mark, your impression, your signature, your effort!

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