What works best for you? Know it and use it!

What works best for you?  Which situations, times bring out the best in you? To what extent  do you know your own strengths and weaknesses?  Whether from a personal or work perspective, how much do you know yourself?

Sometimes the reason why we are not excelling at what we are doing is that we are not creating conditions conducive to excelling. I believe everyone has got something they excel in, or said differently given the ideal situation, everyone will excel at something. Sometimes we simply do not know ourselves enough as individuals to make informed decisions in the course of our work and personal lives.  It’s really sad when do not know that we don’t know. 

How can we be fully effective with the  unknown, unpredictable and  distant outside world before we know and understand the ever present, intimate and the closest world of self?  Before you start looking and working  outside, you got to know and understand what’s inside.  Then you are better placed to navigate the environment around you, the outside and better manage its impact on you.

The following are just a few questions that readily come to mind:

Are you a numbers or calculations person or bigger on words, ideas or concepts?

Do you prefer to focus on the bigger picture or would you rather get bogged down by the small detail, the nitty gritties?

Do you work best in the mornings or your efficiency increases towards sunset or beyond?

When you give presentations or addresses do you prefer to have as much detail as possible on hand  or are you more comfortable with pointers on what you want to say. Would rather speak off the cuff or impromptu style or for you everything has to be prepared beforehand?

Do you prefer listening or would rather be doing the talking half the time?

Take time to know yourself! It is time well invested. Take time to understand what works best for you. Know it and use it! – BTM

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