When is your book coming out?

One question I love to ask is when is your book coming out. There are great stories to tell and sometimes we are so busy with life that we forget to share or pass on our incredible wealth of knowledge. One of the great tragedies we had in #Africa for a very, very long time is that we did not record our stories. Many stories about Africa were not actually written by Africa yet it is these very same stories that have come to define how the world views and perceives Africa. Many went to the grave with their secrets, their know-how, their ideas and philosophies.

There are lots of lessons and life experiences that our children and their children’s children could learn from. It could be thoughts that you record in your diary, or posts on Facebook or even notes.

If writing is not for you, how about making a video, it doesn’t have to be a fancy video. A short video that you can make on your phone. Save these ideas and lessons. One day what you share could be the turning point in someone else’s life.

Maybe writing or video might still not work for you. There are so many options now with technology that make sharing ideas and stories a whole lot easier.

You could be a very private person who is not keen on getting their stuff our there. Well and good. Keep it within your circle of trust.

Think about it. Your story is worth listening to. Your story is an inspiration. #AfricaIsRisin