When the chips are down!

Every now and then we have a bad day, whether at home or at the office. Things do not go our way. When things can go wrong, that’s exactly what happens.  Some call this phenomenon if you like  Murphy’s Law.

The whole world need not know that the chips are down in your world. How will it help you if everyone says sorry. Will things get any better because everyone knows you are going through a tough day. Only talk to the people who matter, the people who need to know. So keep smiling, don’t give anything away!

How do you handle such situations? Do you take it out on the world, on the people around you or do take it out on yourself? Remember you will still have to face these people after the situation. You will still come back to work tomorrow. You will return to your family at the end of the day. Don’t do or say anything foolish. The situations will change, they will come and go but your family and your colleagues at work will be there.

Remain focussed on the things that matter. You have worked on building relationships over years at work and at home. Do not let circumstances beyond your control ruin that.

Do not let inanimate and lifeless things get in the way of life! Move on with life and leave the situation behind you. Don’t take the situation with you. Leave it where it belongs, in the past. Do not let it spoil the bright and lovely future that lies head.

How you handle things when the chips are down will influence your ability to recover from such situations.  Do not focus so much on a bad situation that you overlook any good that might come out of it. The chips won’t always be down. You know this. You need to be ready for that turning point.  Every situation will change at some point.  When the tide turns you must be ready. No one will come and tell you that things have changed.

Remember that one situation is exactly that. A separate and distinct situation at a specific and passing point in time. Do not confuse it with other situations. Do not mix situations. Do not combine situations. Get over it, draw the line and move on.

You need to separate yourself from the situation. You need to pull yourself from your situation. You see the situation could still exist without you. This could have happened to anyone. But today it just happened to be you.

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