Who’s back have you got?


We face huge challenges in today’s world. The prejudice, bigotry violence, corruption, there seems to be no end. It feels like we are in a constant state of war, under bombardment, 24 7 right through the year. What happened? This is not lot the kind of world we dreamt of as children. How did our beautiful dreams become nightmares? Every day one has to carefully manoeuvre the news to find something positive and inspiring. How did we get here? Is this how mankind best applies its intelligence? What does the future look like for our children? Is there hope?

Ladies and gentlemen, things are not going to get better in the short term. I do not mean to be a prophet of doom. Just sharing my honest thoughts. There has never been a more important time to look out for country, community, friends, family, one another. We need to make time for one another. Pull up one another when some are sinking overwhelmed by the troubles. People do not really need your money but your friendship, compassion and empathy.

We cannot change the world overnight but in tight ways we can sow seeds of hope today and reap and bountiful harvest tomorrow. We owe to ourselves, to our children. The world has given us so much. Is it not only fair that we give back a little in return.

It is not time to focus on who’s go what, who owns what, who’s staying where,who’s driving what,who this, who that but it’s time to focus on who’s got who’s back. Who’s back have you got? Can your friends count on you? Can your family trust in you? I challenge you to rise up to the challenge. You can do it. I know you got this. Don’t worry about what anyone says. You will find the strength.