Win with people

Today is a good day. I have just finished reading “How Life imitates chess.”  I really enjoyed reading the book. Garry marries chess and life in such a way that even someone who does not play the game can appreciate the link between the two. Of course life is much more complex than any game we can think of. I have now picked up a book that I have had for some years and probably should have read long back – “Winning with people”  by John C. Maxwell.

Just about everything we do affects other people in some way.  It took me a long time to discover that it’s really all about people. We are surrounded by people all our lives. From the time we are born we are already connecting.   Whatever field or area of life we are in, people are one of the things that we have in common.  How we relate and connect with other people will determine how we and others benefit from these relationships and how we grow.

For me a relationship is a connection between two people.  It’s not an event but a process, a journey even. How long that process is depends on us. Whether we are dealing with someone in a technically challenging field or relating to our neighbour,  there is always a way of getting out of and giving the best in the relationship.  We have people with different personalities and characters, strengths and weaknesses, cultures and backgrounds, orientations, races, creeds and religions.  It’s all the more important given all these difference that we should really aim to win with people.

Imagine how much progress we could all make if we could harness the power and strengths of all the people that we connect with. You can be brilliant or gifted in whatever you do but if you can’t win with people, you have already lost out on a big opportunity. People count! People matter. If you want to get the best out of what you are doing, you need to consider how you are relating to the people around you. Are they on your side? Are you on the same side? BTM

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